Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Blog is ...

A place to record and discuss the logic of veganism and other arguments that surround it.  This isn't a silly little game of patty-cake.  This is the real deal!  The point is to outline arguments for veganism (especially the moral ones), and discuss and provide knowledge of the various fallacies and logic of arguments for other positions.  Believe me there are a lot of fallacies that people use when they think they are proposing a valid argument.

This is a place then, for us to help each other stay or become logically consistent.  Now, I know, for some of you that may sound about as fun as watch the date on your calendar or watching the vegan cake rise in the oven.  To some of you the latter may even seem more entertaining; however, I encourage you to consider the value of logic in your life.  It is the foundation for a great of our meaningful discourse.  Whether we are debating or just having a conversation logic is the agreed upon mediator of our discussion.  Regardless of the setting providing arguments that are invalid or fallacious to support your case is never going to fly with anyone.  Logic is fun; it's a concise yet elegant craft that truly enriches our lives by allowing us to be people of greater integrity.

Jeez, this sounds so serious! LMAO! I love logic, and I think it's fun; I love having regular fun too.

Basically I just wanted a place to discuss the logic of veganism (and explain the fallacies of arguments that I have come across proposed by non-vegans).

It's about a logical approach to veganism. Arm yourself, so that you know what you're talking about.

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