Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Layout

Now, I know have many many followers at this point, so many in fact that the counter on the site can't even keep up.  Yeah, I know, I am quite modest, but despite my following I have decided to make a change in the layout of my blog.  Previously I had figured that I would put the main Vegan moral argument on the main post page, and just leave it like that. Doing so would make the argument easily accessible to anyone, at anytime;  however, that means that I can never really post, and that's no fun.  So I decided to make a separate page for arguments that help support veganism.

The pages will then, contain a great amount of the most meaningful content.  If you want to seem common missteps in logic or ways to support your position or change your position to fit logic then check out the other pages (not posts) on this site.

My hope is to provide a resource that allows people to quickly reference the logic or illogic of thoughts and positions surrounding veganism.

I'm sure this all way too exciting for you right now, but hey, life can be just that good. See ----------->

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