Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interesting Quotes and Today's Updates

I just found a quote in Matthew Scully's book Dominion.  This is a good book.  It is well written, compelling, and goes into some fringe areas of animal use as well as some mainstream.  I have to say that I was hugely surprised at how good it was when I first started reading it, and even as I continue reading it.  There are many quotes from non-vegan perspectives in the book, including those of 'hunters' and dolphin trappers of Japan.

Here's a quote from a hunter, James Swan, from In Defense of Hunting: "Psychologically speaking, freedom of choice to be who you are and to follow the guidance of your conscience is the most humane ethical position for conservation of the human soul."

This is the type of bull shit you get when people are trying to justify what they do to animals without being logical about it.  This book has numerous diatribes crafted by hunters and others about the place of animals and hunting in the world.  The major problem, however, with their frankly bull shit ramblings, is that they are abstracted from reality and science.  Check out the common arguments page for an explanation of how this is bull shit. 

By the way, I apologize for the swearing.  It is just infuriating that someone thinks that just because they can say something that makes it true or meaningful, and that hundreds of billions of animals pay the price for this idiocy is deeply ... gougingly saddening.

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