Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vegan Soap

Well I'll be damned! 

I shouldn't be surprised but it seems that most bar soaps are neither vegan, nor vegetarian, nor fucking 21st.  Bar soap contains ANIMAL FAT!  Hey, I knew that this was common in like the 18th century and shit, but SERIOUSLY!  Companies, and especially the big ones, are still putting pig and cow fat into soap.  WTF!  On top of that a lot of do not care about animal testing at all, despite the fact that for cosmetics, soap, etc. it is not in the least bit necessary.

That is disgusting and disappointing.  It seems that basically getting vegan soap means going to the health food store to buy a $2 bar.  MOTHER FUCKER!  This sucks!  Alright, you can use body wash if you are into that, but you still have to double check, and you HAVE TO BE INTO THAT.  I don't like body wash thank you very much.  Call me old fashioned about the bar of soap, but apparently some companies and people make me look like I'm what they thought the 21st century would be in 1940.

I guess it is high time for me to make some homemade vegan soap.  I should have been doing that already ... Here is some motivation to get on it.

Or hey, if you want to rub animal fat on your body that has been tested on animals, just keep buying the regular soap.  But hey, us vegans are crazy because we don't want to have any part in this.  Man, what a stupid industry.

Excuse me while I go make some of my own vegan soap.

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